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Wemax Dice Projector Review: Portable Home Entertainment System

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The Wemax Dice is a conveniently small and reasonably lightweight projector that can be used for presenting from a Mac, but is best used as a TV.

Just like the previous Wemax Nova projector, Wemax Dice is based on Android, and that brings certain problems for Apple users.

There’s no point in streaming from an iPhone, for example, and you can’t use an iPhone to speed up the setup process with your Wi-Fi credentials, either. That said, setup is easy and you can connect a Mac or Apple TV to the Wemax Dice and present it.

What Dice offers compared to other projectors is a kind of robust portability. It’s a battery-powered projector, though it can work while plugged into an outlet, and everything about it is meant to be quick and convenient to use.

Quality of construction and design.

The Wemax Dice is easy to transport, complete with a carry strap, but it’s also stubby and solid enough that you’ll never accidentally knock it over. It weighs 4.8 pounds, which is 0.1 pounds more than a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

It feels heavier, since that weight is in a 6.10-inch by 4.9-inch by 6.30-inch cube shape. Instead of being heavy, though, it feels sturdy.

You still have to take care of it, but you won’t have any qualms about throwing it in the trunk of your car or using it in almost any environment. You may forget to put it away, but you won’t hesitate to turn it on in a windy area.

That said, there are environments where it works better than others.

Best and worst operating environments

Wemax Dice feels like something you want to wear outside, perhaps on a camping trip. Somehow it’s just the right size for that, plus it has a battery, so it doesn’t have to be kept in offices and rooms with power outlets.

Wemax quotes a battery life of two to three hours, so assume it’ll work for an average-length movie. If you’re watching epic Marvel movies, you have a DC input, so you just need to find an extension strip.

With a brightness of 700 ANSI lumens, it has to be night before there is optimal outside light for viewing. AppleInsider I tested it by projecting it onto a garden hedge, and it was surprisingly good even on that kind of broken surface, but only late at night.

In that case, we project beyond what Wemax recommends. The project is designed to project an image up to around 10.5 feet, and we went up almost twice that.

There’s no chance of you sitting comfortably watching a movie at that distance, but what it does very easily is create a video wall out of the hedge. For an outdoor night party, where you won’t be focused on the movie or a presentation, it’s a bright and entertaining system.

To watch anything, to properly enjoy a YouTube video or an Amazon Prime movie, you need a clear wall and keep it about 10 feet away from the projector. At that distance, the resolution is 1920 x 1080 and the contrast ratio is 1000:1 for a screen size of 48 to 120 inches.

Every time you move the projector, it switches to autofocus mode and recalibrates projection for the sharpest image possible.

It’s fast and good enough that you don’t want to adjust the focus yourself. However, you may want to not keep banging against the table you placed the projector on, as autofocus will interrupt any video playback.

Sound-wise, the Wemax Dice’s internal speakers may suffice. It is mono though, so you may want to pair the projector with separate Bluetooth speakers.

However, unlike other projectors, the Wemax Dice does not have adjustable feet. It is not possible to directly tilt the projector without placing something under it.

However, it does come with a mount for a standard tripod. So it could be raised on one of those, and the tripod head could be adjusted to focus the beam where you want it.

Present from a Mac or Apple TV

Wemax Dice comes with an HDMI port. Plug a MacBook Pro or Apple TV into that, and you can choose Dice’s Source menu to select your device.

The MacBook Pro considers Wemax Dice as a second screen when you do this. It also alters the resolution of your main, making it all very small.

So it’s best to find your video and open it on your Mac before connecting to the Dice projector.

So the video works right away, but the sound doesn’t. You have to go separately to Mac’s System preferencesthen choose DreamY Production. Select Dice from the list of possible sound outputs and all audio will be routed through the projector.

If you’re using an Apple TV and plan to show a Keynote presentation instead of playing a video, you need an extra step. You’ll need to use AirPlay to stream from an iPhone or iPad to Apple TV.

Using Wemax Dice as a TV

Point the Wemax Dice at a wall, or a better-kept hedge, and you can watch TV videos with nothing more than an Internet connection. It comes with YouTube and Amazon Prime built in, and through the Google Play Store you can add more.

Notably, it does not include Netflix. In addition to an HDMI port, however, the Dice has a USB-A one, so you can plug in an Amazon Fire Stick, or similar, to get Netflix.

Next to the projector lens is a sensor that is used for autofocus.

Next to the projector lens is a sensor that is used for autofocus.

you should buy

Any projector built into Android will be less beneficial to an iPhone user. And charging a MacBook is a lot less convenient than being able to stream from your phone.

Nevertheless, the Wemax Dice is a solid, robust and good projector. What it loses in brightness compared to larger projectors, it makes up for in battery-powered portability.

  • ruggedly portable
  • The battery lasts at least two hours.
  • Autofocus is excellent
  • HDMI port means you can connect MacBook Pro, Apple TV
  • Made for Android users, streaming from iPhone is not practical
  • Built-in features do not include Netflix

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Where to buy

Wemax Dice retails for $700, but is usually available on Amazon for around $535.

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