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Want to cut your chance of catching COVID on a plane? Wear a mask and avoid business class

A Florida court recently overturned mask mandates on plans in the United States, saying the directive was unlawful. That decision is now under appeal.

Before that, Australian comedian Celeste Barber told her social media followers a passenger sitting next to her on a recent flight took off her mask to sneeze.

So wearing masks on plans to limit the spread of COVID is clearly a hot-button issue.

As we return to the skies more than two years into the pandemic, what is the risk of catching COVID on a plane? And does it really matter where on the plane you are?

so many variables

It’s impossible to give a precise answer about your risk of catching COVID on a plane as there are so many variables.

For instance, not all countries and airlines require passengers to wear masks or be vaccinated.

Some countries and airlines require a negative COVID test within a certain timeframe before flying, others have scrapped that requirement entirely.


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