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Visiting a fashionable couple in Wuppertal

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“JUSTLUC”: Visiting a fashionable couple

Justus Toussis and Luca Bazzanella are at home in the world. And bring the world into your home. The two, who have made fashion and lifestyle their profession and passion, have been living in their own house on a hill on Katernberger Strasse for three years. They open their doors to the top magazine and show their unique attitude to life.

It’s a bit like an expensive boutique or fancy hotel, a bit like a market in a distant land. It offers a good dose of glamour. But above all it is well-being, the house of Justus Toussis and Luca Bazzanella, at the top of the mountain, hidden among tall trees with a beautiful view of the valley.

The hosts open strong on this February afternoon. Between a trip to Munich and Paris Fashion Week, they blocked out the day for the top magazine. A home story has been arranged, an exclusive vision of 400 square meters of extravagance. There is coffee from Versace cups. Gucci cushions nestle comfortably in the back as the Wuppertal couple chat. (Photos:)

They both have a lot to say. Did she meet? “Backstage at Lady Gaga,” says Justus Toussis, smiling his beautiful smile. “Justus is such a striking phenomenon,” says Luca Bazzanella of his pairing. “And so gentle in nature of him, I liked that.”

They have a life together since that backstage party, a couple for eleven years, accomplices, privately and professionally. They founded their fashion blog “JUSTLUC” when they were still in school. And they turned their passion for fashion into their profession. Luca Bazzanella works as a sales manager for Düsseldorf fashion designer and former top model jury member Thomas Rath, for whom Justus Toussis photographs the collections.

They have two boutiques together, the “Luxury Outlet” on Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse and another boutique on Wallstrasse in Düsseldorf. And there are also their Instagram accounts, in which the two influencers tell their approximately 70,000 followers about their life in fashion, travel and various encounters with celebrities.

Luca Bazzanella moved to Wuppertal ten years ago for Justus, who grew up in Elberfeld. Three years ago, the couple moved into the single-family house on Katernberger Strasse, where their colorful life is reflected in memories and luxury. “But here we want one thing above all else”, says Luca Bazzanella: “To be comfortable. Come to rest and feel good.” Luca Bazzanella is passionate about creating that certain atmosphere of well-being. Fresh roses are delivered once a week.

Souvenirs like vases from Marrakech and Chinese porcelain are enthroned in illustrated books by Louis Vuitton and Helmut Newton. On the wall are Greek icons recalling Justus Toussis’s Greek heritage, as well as photographs of the Kennedys, commemorative snapshots of Justus with Vogue boss Anna Wintour, and mid-20th-century oil paintings.

Luca Bazzanella designs the house in a creative and constant way. Each console and chest of drawers is a well thought out arrangement where nothing is left to chance. The cross of Jesus and the Bible in front of the DVDs of the television series “Denver Clan”: a wink completes the luxurious atmosphere for an individual lifestyle. And each item tells a story, from Marrakech to Bahrain, Mykonos, memories of the hot spots of the rich and beautiful, organized in Wuppertal.

And Luca Bazzanella does not want to do without this city as a place to live: “Precisely because we travel so much, this city with its nature is the perfect retreat for us,” says the 27-year-old. “Here we have nature, silence. And yet, the big cities are just around the corner. “Because the couple decided that for themselves: whoever is at home anywhere in the world, has the perfect home in Wuppertal.”

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