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Trending Today Airing on Fox Business Features Native Ceuticals, a Pioneer in the CBD Industry

MOORESVILLE, North Carolina, April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the latest episode of Trending Today, broadcast on Fox Business, Native Ceuticals, a pioneer in the CBD industry, shares its sophisticated approach to developing its CBD products, breaking down misguided stereotypes, and educating the public. see in the Saturday, April 30the in 5:30 p.m. to learn how Native Ceuticals puts its customers’ needs first, providing personalized products designed to address an individual’s specific ailments, from stress/anxiety relief, sleep problems, skin problems, concentration problems, pain, depression and general well-being . Walter Tribolet, CEO and co-founder of Native Ceuticals, says of his company’s vision: “Our culture is built on quality and doing the right thing. It sounds so simple, but the reality is that it’s not. Shortcuts are tempting.” “We could cut corners, offer lower quality products, use inferior or even unhealthy ingredients, or chase the current flavor of the day. We don’t sacrifice our vision and integrity.”

Whether you are a current CBD user or new to the product, Native Ceuticals prides itself on educating its customers to understand potency levels, scientifically backed benefits, and the differences between CBD and CBG. “Customer education is key to who we are as a company. Every person who visits one of our stores or visits us online should feel as if they have learned something new about the endocannabinoid system and how their bodies can function better using cannabis. That is It’s a big goal of ours and one we take very seriously.” He says Kaleigh BaselChief Marketing Officer for Native Ceuticals.

Native Ceuticals is a company focused on people and their unique needs, which is why they determine that their products are as unique as their users, simple and holistic. Additionally, Native Ceuticals works tirelessly to provide non-toxic cannabinoid solutions, while taking pride in growing and cultivating within the USA. To ensure quality products, Native Ceuticals formulates and manufactures each product in-house at its headquarters in North Carolina.

Native Ceuticals has developed an innovative process designed to create the best solution for each customer’s specific needs. “It can be difficult to understand which CBD products are right for you, which is why Trending Today chose to highlight Native Ceuticals’ goal of simplifying a process that can become overwhelming and confusing,” says Trending Today Senior Producer, harris plumber. Native Ceuticals’ Tincture Bar online questionnaire (patent pending) is streamlined and simple, allowing customers to easily access a solution made specifically for them and delivered right to their door. Chief Product Officer of Native Ceuticals and Co-Founder, stephan brown, explains their process: “We have so many combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes available that we wanted to offer a personalized solution for each person based on their actual needs, so we designed a patent-pending process that can offer a personalized tincture for each person.” customer on the spot.” Native Ceuticals connects people with the right products and ultimately shapes their lives and provides solutions they can understand and enjoy.

Ceuticals’ native territories along the East Coast are filling up fast, set for West Coast expansion this year, and international expansion will follow in 2023.
For more information on owning your own Native Ceuticals, contact blake bernard in [email protected] .

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About Native Ceuticals:
Native Ceuticals is a seed-to-shelf business model, providing ethically produced non-toxic CBD and CBD products. Native Ceuticals seeks to educate current and new users of CBD products to help them find tailored solutions with a holistic approach. Learn more at

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Michelle Layne is the writer-in-residence for Trending Today. She loves to tell and follow inspiring stories about entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing their industries and chasing their dreams. She has a Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology from SNHU.

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