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Travel back in time with “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” – Entertainment

A comeback, a silver iron and music from the 1980s: RTL dug deep into the nostalgia box on Saturday night at the start of the live shows on “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.

Cologne (dpa) – Time travel with RTL: On Saturday night, the long-running hit “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” started the live shows with a lot of nostalgia. This was not only due to the theme of the first program being the 80s, but above all due to the return of the moderator Marco Schreyl.

After a hiatus of almost ten years, the 48-year-old returned to lead the show, much to the delight of Twitter users. “Feels like you’ve been transported 10 years back with the big stage and Marco #Schreyl,” he said, for example, “feels a bit like the golden days of #dsds,” or: “Finally the old DSDS once again ».

With DSDS “it’s like riding a bicycle”

Schreyl moderated the music show for seven seasons from 2005 to 2012, sometimes alongside Tooske Ragas. When RTL rebuilt its big entertainment shows about ten years ago, Schreyl had to leave and returned in season 19. “My grandmother always said you always see each other twice in your life,” she said. “Is a pleasure see you again”.

“Don’t forget that with DSDS,” employees would have assured him, Schreyl said as he took the stage. “It’s like riding a bike.” And, in fact, it was as if he had never been away. Experienced, but notably overjoyed at his return, Schreyl announced candidates from time to time, also taking as much time to make decisions as he did back then.

He had to announce the first one right at the beginning: the viewers decided that Dominik could take the 10th place in the top 10 that had become free, after a duel with Emine.

The spot was available because the candidate who was supposed to take it, according to RTL, had concealed a suspended sentence for assault and was later kicked out of the show. The next Dominik took the chance on him and may appear again next week. Domenico and Abi had to say goodbye.

Silbereisen as “DSDS Captain”

Florian Silbereisen, the “captain of the DSDS”, as Schreyl called the head of the jury in reference to his second job at ZDF (on Easter Sunday he can be seen there as a captain of the “ship of dreams”), was sometimes strict (“You have the least at first Talent”), but also some private revelations: he revealed what motto he had in his “quiet place” and after the appearance of the candidate Gianni with the 80s ballad “Hold me now” by Johnny Logan, he felt his own. remembered lover

“This is exactly how a beautiful love story ended for me,” the 40-year-old said. The fact that the 17-year-old can still laugh at this song is probably because he himself hasn’t had to experience a breakup yet, Silbereisen suspects. Because he makes you laugh.

Silbereisen was with successful star Helene Fischer for many years and they announced their separation at the end of 2018. However, he did not say if he was referring to this separation with his statements.

Bohlen not included for the first time

And someone else was not explicitly discussed that night: Dieter Bohlen. The long-time DSDS judge isn’t there for the first time in season 19. RTL announced last spring that it would continue the show without him.

At the first live show, none other than his former “Modern Talking” bandmate Thomas Anders was a guest of the jury, which some viewers dismissed as advice directed against Bohlen. But Anders was not moved, he was professional, and he did not say a word about the colleague from the past, he just said: “I never dreamed that he would be sitting here.” Someone wrote on Twitter: “He’s like Dieter, only different.”

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