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“The coming policy will be ecological or it will not be”

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Emmanuel Macron celebrated, on Saturday, his only great meeting between the two towers in the Jardin du Pharo, in Marseille. A culminating point for the candidate’s campaign, who wants to capture the melenchonista vote and seduce the many abstentionists in the city.

The sky, the sun, the sea and Emmanuel Macron. The presidential candidate offers himself, on Saturday, April 16, a postcard from Marseille for his first big meeting between the two rounds.

The presidential candidate took the floor shortly after 3:30 p.m. and quickly addressed the voters on the left, a source of essential votes as the second round approached.

“My project makes it possible to reconcile instead of dividing,” he assured before several thousand supporters, promising a next mandate under the sign of “total renewal.” “I want to do a complete review, I want it to be five years of complete renewal. What is at stake on April 24 should not be a continuation but a reinvention, a new ambition,” he said.

The presidential candidate also deplored at the same time the “great stunting” of France, in reference to the “great replacement”, a theory taken up by the extreme right.

“We have built a civilization and a culture, an openness to the world, a requirement and a desire to always carry this unique voice with respect to the rest of the world. This French pride, that’s all. It’s not the great stunting, the great division, the great separation that would consist of telling the children born on our soil that they no longer have their rights there.

A prime minister in charge of “ecological planning”

Emmanuel Macron then unraveled a long series of measures on ecology. Among them, he promised that, if re-elected, his prime minister would be “directly in charge of ecological planning” to go “twice as fast” in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“The policy that I will follow in the next five years will be green or it will not be,” he said. The Prime Minister, he added, will be “supported by two strong ministers, the Minister of Energy Planning”, who “will have the mission of making France the first great nation to get out of oil, gas and coal”, and a minister “ responsible for territorial ecological planning”.

This will serve to “change the way we move on a daily basis”, “reinvest in river and rail transport”, “accelerate the renovation of homes, at least 700,000 per year for the next five years”, or even “act for water quality , of the air, of the food”, detailed the candidate.

“We haven’t done anything in these five years”

“This ecological message from the first round, today we must know how to give it a new perspective for April 24 and the years to come,” he insisted, while defending his award winners.

“We have done nothing during these five years,” Emmanuel Macron stressed, citing in particular “Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Europacity, the Golden Mountain in Guyana, Terminal 4 in Roissy.” “All these projects, who stopped them because they weren’t green? It’s us, not them!”

“We have been twice as fast as the previous two five-year periods in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have reduced them by 12% in five years. That is to say: inaction, not at home!”, he pointed out.

“But what the Giec still told us is that it is not enough, we have to go twice as fast. You know what? We are going to do it,” he added, saying that he wanted to reconcile two anguishes, that of those who fear a “planet more viable” and that of “those who fear change too quickly”.

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