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The 8 Richest Fashion YouTubers, As Of 2022

Social media is an ideal platform that helps to popularize one’s talent or skill. The social media storm began in 2006, with online portals like YouTube and Facebook doing wonders in increasing the popularity of various aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals. With the audience of a global audience in the mix, up-and-coming entrepreneurs and social media personalities would make a sincere effort to refine their craft for substantial monetary gain and immense notoriety.

The fashion and beauty segment would also be part of the social media whirlwind, with several established fashion designers, makeup artists and lifestyle influencers attributing their huge success to the rise of social media.

8 jeffree star

‘Jeffreestar’ is a famous YouTube channel owned and operated by entrepreneur and fashion influencer Jeffree Star.

This popular YouTuber and fashion sensation began his career as a social media influencer by gaining a massive following on the now defunct social media service ‘Myspace’.

Jeffree’s popularity on Myspace would prove immensely beneficial to the growth of his YouTube channel in 2006, where he became one of the most ‘followed’ personalities due to his modern pop/electronic music posts.

Jeffree’s career as one of the most influential social media personalities continued to flourish and in 2014, he launched his own cosmetics line ‘Jeffree Star Cosmetics’.

The established fashion mogul’s vast and creative product line grew to include lip scrubs, lipsticks, and even eyeshadow palettes, and his social media presence proved to be a huge boon to sales of his merchandise. Mark.

With over 16 million subscribers and a whopping 1.3 billion views on his YouTube account, Jeffree Star’s $200 million net worth is no surprise.

7 michelle phan

Michelle Phan is one of the world’s top YouTube personalities in the beauty genre with a massive fan base.

Phan’s career as a YouTuber would begin in 2006, and her personal take on the beauty segment earned her immense critical acclaim and notoriety. The American businesswoman and social media personality is considered a trailblazer in the beauty category, with her YouTube channel garnering over 12 million subscribers and a solid 1.2 billion view count.

In 2014, the American businesswoman would win the ‘Steamy Award for Inspiration Icon Award’ and the ‘Shorty Award for Best YouTube Guru’, catapulting her success as a social media influencer and entrepreneur to stratospheric levels.

With a net worth of $50 million, Michelle Phan is at the peak of her career as a beauty guru and businesswoman.

6 Maria Alexandra Marrero

‘Mariale’ is another famous YouTube channel known for its versatile and engaging content that explores the genres of beauty, comedy, lifestyle, and motivation.

With over 13 million subscribers, this popular YouTube account operated by Venezuelan YouTuber Marialejandra Marrero has seen a meteoric rise in popularity since its creation in 2010.

Marialejandra has capitalized on her popularity as a YouTuber and social media influencer to create her own lipstick brand that bears the same name as her channel, and as a result, her monetary earnings and personal net worth have seen an astronomical increase.

With a whopping personal net worth of $11 million, Marialejandra is at the peak of her career as a fashion mogul and social media sensation.

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5 Nikki de Jager

Nikkie is one of the most viewed Dutch makeup artists and beauty vloggers with an astounding net worth.

His YouTube channel ‘Nikkie Tutorials’ was founded in 2008 and has since amassed over 12 million subscribers with a staggering 1.7 billion view count.

Nikkie’s natural inclination towards makeup and the fashion industry from a very young age proved to be a central point in her success as a social media influencer, with her content making her the fourth most popular YouTuber in the Netherlands.

Nikkie’s dedicated approach to generating quality content on YouTube would earn the Dutch make-up artist the coveted ‘Teen’s Choice’ award in the ‘Fashion Beauty Web Star’ category in Los Angeles and even earn her a televised appearance as part of Dutch TV Fashion. ‘Jachtseizoen’ series in 2017.

With a whopping net worth of $6 million, Nikkie de Jager is without a doubt one of the most influential and successful fashion entrepreneurs in the world.

4 Bethany Noel Mota

Bethany Noel Mota is a famous American YouTuber who owns and operates the trendy YouTube channel, ‘Bethany Mota’.

Founded in 2009, Bethany’s channel has seen significant success with her engaging DIY ideas, makeup tutorials, and even occasional culinary adventures that add a touch of versatility to her burgeoning YouTube channel’s content.

With over 12 million subscribers and a whopping 980 million views on her YouTube channel, Bethany has established herself as one of the most influential social media personalities out there.

Bethany’s success as a social media influencer would further increase in 2012, when the American YouTuber signed an exclusive deal with the popular YouTube network, ‘Awesomeness TV’. Bethany’s popularity skyrocketed further, as her ‘IMO’ segment on the network’s fashion talk show earned her immense critical acclaim.

With an estimated net worth of $5 million, Bethany Mota is also the second most popular beauty vlogger on the planet.

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3 Zoe Elizabeth Sug

Zoe is a famous British YouTube personality who owns and operates the trendy YouTube channel, ‘Zoella’.

In addition to being an avid vlogger, the talented social media influencer is also a blogger with her own website exploring the beauty genre. Since its inception in 2012, Zoella has seen a meteoric rise in popularity due to its compelling content, with the channel’s 12 million subscriber base making it the 292nd most subscribed channel in the world.

Zoe is good friends with some of the world’s most popular YouTubers, including Pewdiepie, Tanya Burr, and even Jim Chapman, to name a few. Zoe’s immense popularity would see the British YouTuber featured in the popular YouTube series. the good brotherswith her critically acclaimed looks adding to her social media presence that much more.

With a staggering net worth of $3.5 million, Zoe is without a doubt one of the most influential and talked about YouTubers globally.

two Mariand Castrejon Castaneda

Yuya is another beauty and lifestyle based YouTube channel that has amassed over 4 million subscribers since its creation in 2009.

Owned and operated by Mexican YouTuber Mariand Castrejon Castaneda, Yuya’s overwhelming success can be attributed to the channel’s engaging vlogs and makeup tutorials that detail various user trends and ideologies based on the beauty and lifestyle genres they are. popular all over the world.

Initially titled ‘lady16makeup’ in 2009, Yuya’s videos have garnered over 2.3 billion total views, making Mariand one of the most popular and wealthy YouTubers in the world.

With a whopping net worth of $1.9 million, the Mexican social media sensation’s career as a YouTuber has yet to reach its full potential.

one Paula Galindo

Hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, Paula Galindo is the proud owner of the popular YouTube channel, ‘Pautips’.

With over 7 million subscribers, Paula’s influence across the fashion, beauty and lifestyle genres has been well received by audiences globally. The young social media influencer and entrepreneur started posting her alluring ‘everyday makeup’ videos in 2011 and since then she has worked to keep her content fresh and engaging with the world’s ever-changing trends and ideologies. .

The popular YouTuber also owns a second YouTube channel detailing her everyday life and her many travel escapades. However, Paula’s tireless efforts to deliver quality content across her fashion and lifestyle genres have put her on the map as one of the most successful and influential social media personalities globally.

With an estimated net worth of $1 million, Paula Galindo is one of the youngest social media influencers with an ever-growing business empire.

Social media has helped create some of the world’s most influential and wealthy entrepreneurs who, in turn, have helped enhance their respective areas of interest. Fashion is an exciting and ever-changing segment that helps bring out the creativity of various aspiring fashion designers and makeup professionals. Various useful social media portals in the form of YouTube and Instagram have helped promote the careers of aspiring business professionals and entrepreneurs, with a popularity quotient derived from these mediums almost unprecedented.


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