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Sony Interactive Entertainment presents the new PlayStation Plus

Sony’s PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will officially merge to offer gamers more choice through three subscription tiers.

the executive director of Sony Interactive EntertainmentJim Ryan, lift the veil on Spartacus (codename): “Since the launch of PlayStation Plus in 2010, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation in subscription gaming services. We were delighted to offer the first console subscription service to include an up-to-date game library thanks to PlayStation Plus. With PlayStation Now, we were also the first to launch a console game streaming service. Today, we are pleased to officially announce the changes to our two subscription services. In June, we will merge PlayStation Plus with PlayStation Now into an entirely new subscription service that will give customers around the world more choice through three subscription levels.

Scheduled for next June, Jim Ryan details the content of the new service: “The new Extra and Premium tiers represent a huge evolution for PlayStation Plus. With these levels, we make sure that the hundreds of games we offer include the best content that distinguishes us. When the service launches, we plan to include games like Death Stranding, God of War, Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11, and Returnal. We work closely with the creative developers at PlayStation Studios and our external partners to include some of the best gaming experiences, as well as an ever-expanding library. Very soon we will bring you new details of the games that we will offer as part of the new PlayStation Plus service. When the new PlayStation Plus service becomes available, PlayStation Now will be integrated into it and will therefore no longer be available as a stand-alone service. PlayStation Now subscribers will upgrade to PlayStation Plus Premium at no additional cost when the new service becomes available. Since this is a major event, we plan to release the new PlayStation Plus region by region. We will launch the service in various markets in Asia, then North America, Europe and finally the rest of the world where PlayStation Plus is offered. Most PlayStation Network territories are expected to have access to the new PlayStation Plus subscription gaming service by the end of the first half of this year. We also plan to expand the advantage of cloud streaming to other markets. Changes to our subscription services are based on more than 25 years of gaming and innovation experience. They are part of a continuity aimed at developing our network services to meet the needs of our customers. With the new PlayStation Plus, we want to offer an attractive subscription gaming service, with carefully selected content created by our dedicated team at PlayStation Studios and our third-party partners. The enhanced PlayStation Plus will allow our fans to experience more content than ever before and strengthen the bonds of the PlayStation community through shared experiences.

The three offers of the new PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus Essential (8.99 euros per month or 24.99 euros per quarter or 59.99 euros per year)

  • Two downloadable games each month
  • exclusive discounts
  • Cloud storage to save games
  • Access to online multiplayer

PlayStation Plus Extra (13.99 euros per month or 39.99 euros per quarter or 99.99 euros per year)

  • The benefits of the Essential bearing
  • A catalog of over 400 of the best PS4 and PS5 games, including exclusive hits from PlayStation Studios and third-party publishers.
  • Bonus level games can be downloaded for offline access

PlayStation Plus Premium (16.99 euros per month or 49.99 euros per quarter or 119.99 euros per year)

  • The benefits of Essential and Extra bearings
  • Limited-time trial versions of certain games that allow players to try before they buy
  • PS3 Games Available Through Cloud Streaming
  • A catalog of great PS1, PS2 and PSP classics available to stream or download
  • Players can stream to PS4 and PS5 consoles as well as PC

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