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Roady: A great success that unites people and companies

Philippe Heitzmann is from Limousin. After obtaining the CAP as a mechanic in public works and then training at the Chamber of Commerce in management and business creation, at the age of 23 he created an aluminum carpentry company that closed three years later due to lack of capital, management and support. He then joined the Castrol-BP oil group where he stayed for thirteen years, learning how a big company worked and becoming a sales executive. The group went through difficulties and it was during the third social plan that he left the company.

In 2006, he chose to join the Musketeers group with his wife Emmanuelle, a specific recommendation for this company. This strong group of 3,000 entrepreneurs while remaining independent, constitutes a unique economic model that makes its success: associated trade. The areas of activity are varied: food with Intermarché and Netto, home with Bricomarché and mobility through its Roady and Rapid-parebrise brands. “It was a long and complicated journey to join the Musketeers group during which, after proper training, I oriented myself in the automotive industry.remembers Philippe Heitzmann. Then I chose the Rhône-Alpes region and the Roady car center in Belleville, which I managed with the support of my wife, which will develop, among other things, the car registration service: 13 employees, a shop with 350 m², a 300 m² workshop and a service station. The activity grew rapidly: starting from a turnover of €1.4 million, today €2 million”. However, the human side is very present and its employees have been able to evolve to a greater or lesser extent.

At the same time, it develops the workshop division that has diversified. “From now on, all repair operations are at your fingertips, including complete engine rebuilds. They receive permanent training such as that of electric and hybrid vehicles, following the policy of Les Mousquetaires, that is, dedicating a third of the time to the development of the brand in terms of marketing, recruitment, network development, management and, of course, the human aspect.“, he explains.

Always in search of new practices, Philipe Heitzmann started in 2009 the rental of fifteen vehicles, mainly commercial vehicles, with great success, followed by the rental of trailers and roof boxes, continuing its development for more than a year in the electric market . Beeper bikes and scooters, a Caladois manufacturer.

Other brands in development

The adventure of taking over the centers continues, in 2015 that of the Perreux site, near Roanne with an area of ​​750 m² with a turnover that is increasing from €1 M to €1.3 M. Then, in 2016, thanks to his successful experience in Belleville, Philippe Heitzmann had the opportunity to establish a new Roady car center on avenue de l’Europe in Villefranche sur Saône instead of the Piston company. Facing various dangers, but supported by the musketeers, he was able to build a 900 m² building and recruit ten people.

The adventure continues in Saint-Genis-Laval in 2017, with the acquisition of a 1,000 m² garage and the creation of ten jobs. A tough challenge to set up an unknown Roady hub in an urban environment, and a long one to break even. But his perseverance is rewarded with the development of this district with the project of a metro station and the creation of 4,000 homes.

Even today, at 57 years old, he embarks on a new experience to adapt to the new communicative demands. Philippe has just hired Florana Chambon, whose objective is to publicize the dimension of the Roady and Rapid pare-brise group at a local level through social networks, extending her role to many other projects and challenges to be met in order to continue with this great adventure.

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