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Rihanna and Asap Rocky: fashion blogger apologizes for rumors

musician couple
A rumor and its fatal course: how Asap Rocky and Rihanna were accused of a separation

Asap Rocky and Rihanna are expecting their first child together and are definitely still a couple

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A few days ago Rihanna was celebrated for her “Vogue” cover, just hours later she became a pregnant cuckold and her boyfriend, musician Asap Rocky, a coconut. The reason was to fool the rumors that turned out to be wrong.

Sometimes all it takes is a quick message to get things rolling. A tweet caused a stir Thursday from fashion blogger Louis Pisano, who claimed Rihanna had fired her boyfriend Asap Rocky for cheating on her with shoe designer Amina Muaddi. It wasn’t long before the singer’s name was trending on the short message service. What a sad development, fans thought, as Rihanna had just appeared heavily pregnant on the cover of “Vogue.”

Rumors about Rihanna and Asap Rocky

The first step for many fans was to visit the profile of said alleged romance. What they saw should only increase the outrage. Just a day before, Muaddi had published a photo of the musician and businessman with a paunch. Gradually, hateful comments began to pour in, accusing the designer of destroying a family.

The two scapegoats, Asap and Muaddi, were quickly found. But what was the real truth behind the rumor that spread so fast? Nothing at all. After the informants already issued the first denials to the magazines, Muaddi was also forced to take a position. “I have always believed that an unfounded lie spread on social media does not deserve a response or clarification, especially when it is so egregious,” he wrote on Instagram. “I initially assumed that this false gossip, spread in bad faith, would not be taken seriously. However, in the last 24 hours I have been reminded that we live in a society that is so quick to talk about issues, regardless of the facts. and that nothing is taboo,” he explained.

blogger apologizes

Meanwhile, Pisano also spoke out and apologized for the drama. “Last night I made the stupid decision to tweet information I had received,” Pisano tweeted on Friday. “I’m not going to talk about sources (…) because in the end I made the decision to compose this tweet, send it and publish it with my name,” Pisano explained.

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“I would like to formally apologize to all parties involved in my actions and inconsiderate tweets. I do not apologize for this, I have been too involved in the Twitter drama and unfortunately I fell for it when Brand did a messy job, which is something of which I will walk away from in the future,” Pisano said.

As world stars, Rihanna and Asap Rocky should be used to unfounded rumours. And yet, the case could serve as a warning about how quickly fake news is circulating on social media.


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