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Presidential. Who do retirees vote for in the former canton of La Ferté-Gaucher?

Contrary to national estimates, retired voters in the canton of La Ferté-Gaucher do not believe they will vote for Macron in the second round. (© Michel Jozon)

According’poll Ipsos-Sopra Steria pour Le Parisien, France Televisions et Radio France on the sociology of voting in the first round of the presidential elections of April 10, 2022, voters retirees overwhelmingly voted for Emmanuel Macron (38%), then Marine Le Pen (17%), Jean-Luc Mélenchon (21%) and Valérie Pécresse (9%). In the former canton of La Ferté-Gaucher, other older people were outspoken: confessed their vote in the first round. Some even have announced his next in the second round this April 24.

In 2018, according to INSEE, the inhabitants of La Ferté-Gaucher over the age of 60 were 1,263 among the 4,902 inhabitants and therefore represented 25.76% of the population. In this same city, 35% of voters chose Marine Le Pen to go to the second round. Those registered in Jouy-sur-Morin and Choisy-en-Brie also placed the candidate of the National Rally against the outgoing president and the rebel candidate.

The convictions of the retirees gathered in La Ferté-Gaucher and in their canton were, for the most part, very different during this first round.

Holder of a small pension and living in the countryside, Yvonne voted for Jean Lassalle, a politician who resembles him. For her, the candidate from a family of shepherds in the Pyrenees was the one who best represented her: “Like me, he lives in rural areas and has worked in nature. At 85 years old, she still does not know if she will return to the polls in the second round, this Sunday, April 24: “What good is she to me at my age? she wonders.

Like her, Albert, 68, is close to nature: “There are no insects like before, nor rabbits in the fields,” he remarks. As 7% of young people from 18 to 24 years old and 6% of young people from 25 to 34 years old according to an estimate by Elabe for BFM-TV et The express, this young retiree voted for Yannick Jadot this Sunday, April 10. He also doesn’t know what name to put on the ballot box next time around.

Voters at the Ehpad

Like the comments of the journalists, the presidential campaign did not thrill the residents of the Le Bois Clément nursing home in La Bégonnière. “Some people were talking about his retirement fund. Others have had a bad experience with international news in Ukraine: they are sensitive to that,” says Tony, head carer at the nursing home. In fact, the Russian-Ukrainian war probably reminds them of bad memories of the wars of the last century.

Everything but Macron

Gervaise, 76, comes to pick up her husband, welcomed during the day by the establishment. He admits that he did not vote for Macron in 2017, “he was too young”, nor in the first round of 2022: “I was too disappointed with his first term. For the first time this year, he gave his voice to the far-right candidate in the first lap.

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Fabien Roussel, for his part, was preferred to the others by Madeleine, 79 years old. Accredited with only 2.3% of the votes of the French, the communist candidate is far from the second round. The retiree must now consider the outgoing president or the candidate of the National Association. For her, the “whatever it takes”, declared on March 12, 2020 by President Macron announcing the confinement, has especially enriched “lucky people”. Marine Le Pen, who based her program on purchasing power, would have convinced her more.

Mélenchoniste in the first round, Maurice will not respect the convictions of his candidate, insisting three times within hours of knowing his third place: “Don’t give a single vote to Madame Le Pen! Note that the La France Insoumise candidate also did not call for a vote for Macron, unlike Yannick Jadot and Fabien Roussel.

Maurice is pessimistic: “Whether he chooses Macron or Le Pen, it will be chaos. “Now he is mainly waiting for the legislative elections, whose first round will be on June 12. In his eyes, the elections of the deputies of the national assembly will allow “to save France. »

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