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Neal McCoy: Country Legend Will Bring an Up close and Personal Show to Branson | Entertainment

Country music legend Neal McCoy returns to the Clay Cooper Theater this weekend for his first Branson performance of 2022.

McCoy has delighted audiences across the country with his platinum and gold albums and around the world with 17 USO Tours. Her No. 1 singles include hits like “No Doubt About It” and “Wink” and multiple Top 10 Hits, including “The Shake” and “The City Put the Country Back in Me.”

McCoy will present presentations on Sunday, April 17 at 2 pm and Monday, April 18 at 7:30 pm. The country singer will also return to Branson for performances June 19-20 and August 29-30.

McCoy shared what people can expect when he takes the stage this weekend.

“We have a whole repertoire of things that my band and I perform. Everything will be open book. Everything will be subject to being called as I don’t have a set list. I’ve never had a song list. It’s the same in Branson,” McCoy said. “I give the band the first song we’re going to do and they go out and do that song and after that it’s just a potluck. It’s just our way of doing things so that people get a real show, listen to the music that my band, my little four-piece band and I make.”

While the Clay Cooper Theater offers some amazing stage features, from synchronized lighting to onstage zip lines, McCoy said they prefer to keep their show the way it always has been.

“As a general rule, we don’t require a light show or anything. We just go up and entertain you. We think with our personality and good music and telling jokes and just hammering away. If you’ve never seen us, we highly encourage you to come to a show, because we think if you come see us we’ll hook you,” McCoy said. “We think that if you come to see us, you will tell your friends and neighbors and not only will you come back but you can bring someone different. The good thing about us, if you’ve seen us 10 times in the past year, 15 times or as many times as you’ve seen us, you can come to the show and you won’t see the same show.

As someone who has been performing on stage for decades, McCoy confirmed that her personal goal for her show has always been to keep things intimate and make it feel more like a conversation with the audience.

“When the show is over, we want you to feel like you can get in your car like you just left a friend’s house and had a good time,” McCoy said. “This comfortable…we want you to be. Because people go to enough shows and see a lot of different things and there are a lot of things that people are adding to the shows. And not just different acts, but screens and smoke and all the cool stuff. We are kind of old school almost like a pack of rats for lack of a better term. We’re just going to talk to you and bring you with us and we think you’re going to have a lot of fun.”

McCoy shared for as long as he can remember that Branson has been a part of his tour every year. He explained that he loves coming to Branson because of the atmosphere that the Branson crowd offers.

“There are artists who say: ‘I played in Branson and I don’t know if I’ll come back.’ Those are people, and I’m not trying to lump them in, but those are people who are maybe used to more energy from the audience than they’re going to get from the audiences in Branson. As a rule, they’re a bit of an older demographic, but I love them because I can talk to them and I can tell them jokes and tell them stories and they listen. They clap when they’re supposed to clap. You know they’re not going to stand up and cheer and all that. They just aren’t ready to do that. That’s fine with me, as long as they pay attention and enjoy what we think we’re giving them, and they do, you can see it on their faces. Then, at the end, they are really going to reward you. A lot of times they stand up and give you a standing ovation and that’s their way of saying I really enjoyed it.”

After performing at The Mansion Theater for several years, McCoy said they needed a new house in Branson in 2020 due to the pandemic.

“Everyone was fighting. Artists, bands, theaters, and everyone else who had a performance venue or needed one to make a living were struggling. we also. The Mansion approached us and they were canceling all their dates in the fall, when we were scheduled to play there, I think November and early December. They were canceling theirs and I totally understood that,” McCoy said. “Clay and them found out and they were still opening their theater. They came up to me and said, ‘Hey, we’ve got some shows if you’d like to play them.’ And at that point, I was like, ‘You know, Clay, I’m not sure how it’s going to work out, but I need to play. I appreciate that they gave me the opportunity to come and earn a little money and provide and pay for my band and equipment and all that. So we went and played with them.”

In a way, McCoy shared that he has come full circle with his Branson performance venue location.

“We played at the Clay Cooper Theater before we played at the Oak Ridge Boys or The Mansion. Clay was nice to us,” McCoy said. “We had a great time and it works for us. Now this isn’t a hit on any other theater in town, but location, location, location; and at Clay’s place it’s just a prime spot to drive by. A lot of traffic goes through there and with our name, at least some people know my name Neal McCoy, who may not know we’re somewhere in town if they haven’t seen the ad. So they can stop by the theater and see that Neal McCoy will be there.”

When asked if he has any recently released projects he’d like to promote, McCoy shared that he hasn’t found his way into a studio for a while; but for him that has been a good thing.

“We are better on stage. The recording side for me has always been a necessary evil. You have to record, especially when you have hits and it’s important to put out new music for your fans,” McCoy said. “I can keep in touch with my fans through my Facebook page and some social media, so I haven’t been in the studio.”

However, McCoy did offer a sneak peek at an upcoming project he hopes to start working on soon, which would mean a return to the recording studio.

“I’m going to go in there, I really want to start a gospel project soon that gets my brother and sister involved in that. I don’t know how soon I’m going to start, but right now I’m looking at the weather and trying to find a space in the year that we can go and do that. Recording music has never been a big problem for me. I like it, it’s fine. It’s like making videos for me. If I get a chance to record an album or make a video, I’d be on stage in front of a lot of people.”

It’s not an album release or a new single, but McCoy said he’s been doing something for more than six years that he’s most proud of.

“I bleed red, white and blue and have my whole life. One thing that I started, actually to date, 2288 days ago, a little over six years and three months, I started saying the Pledge of Allegiance live on my Facebook page and I haven’t missed a day in six years. and three months,” McCoy said. . “I would encourage anyone who loves this country, who respects our flag and loves our country to come say the Pledge of Allegiance with me on my Facebook page every morning. It varies. It’s usually around 9am or 10am Central Time, depending on where I am in the world or country it can change a bit. The easiest way to get there is to go to Facebook and type in the search bar @NealMcCoyMusic and I’m there every day. I encourage people to join me.”

McCoy said he also encourages people to check him out on Facebook, even if they haven’t seen him perform live before.

“We think once you get the hang of us and you know our personalities,” McCoy said. “My personality just because of the things I say in the morning with the commitment and the story and the trivia, I think I hope it encourages people to say, ‘You know, I think I like this guy. I’ll go see their shows and see what that’s like. Because we believe if we can get you to a show, we’ll make you a fan for life.”

Tickets are $52 for VIP admission, $50 for adults, $25 for children ages 4-12, and children three and under are free. The Clay Cooper Theater is located at 3216 W 76 Country Blvd. in Branson.

For additional information or to make a ticket reservation, call 417-332-2529 or visit

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