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‘My friend keeps asking me about my adoption, I told her to back off’

A woman who was raised by foster parents spoke to a colleague about her family history. However, she did not expect to be bombarded with so many personal questions.

One question in particular pushed her to the limit (File photo)

A woman raised by foster parents has never been overly concerned with her family background, never felt less loved than her parents’ biological children.

The 30-year-old can’t remember exactly when she found out, but says her parents have been “incredibly open” about her adoption all her life.

Her siblings don’t treat her any differently than they would if they were related by blood, and overall she feels very lucky with the life she’s led.

However, she recently had to deal with an awkward situation at work with a colleague she refers to only as “Jenny”, who became very interested in her family’s history after finding out she was adopted.

His curious questioning soon began to make the woman uncomfortable, and one intrusive question in particular pushed her over the edge.

Although she doesn’t mind answering personal questions, Jenny took things too far (File photo)


fake pictures)

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On Reddit, the anonymous woman emphasized that while she has no problem telling others about her backstory, her co-worker has now taken things too far.

Much to her discomfort, Jenny will now tease her about her “opinion on what-if scenarios and then use it as a platform to express her views”, which she feels is not right.

She explained, “For example, he once asked me if I had a choice between having children of my own or adopting as well. I could barely answer before he told me all about how I could never adopt because I would never be able to see the child as my own.”

According to the poster, who goes by the username u/throwaway-rants20112, things heated up yesterday after Jenny asked her parents if they “ever considered giving me back after having biological children.”

She continued, “This really pissed me off as it could be a trigger question for some people. So I told her to mind her own business and go away with her terrible opinions, which others tell me really pissed her off.” .”

Although the person posting doesn’t think they did anything wrong, other team members have suggested that she could have handled things differently, explaining exactly why her questions were so inappropriate.

A fellow Reddit user wrote, “Not only is Jenny being inappropriate, she’s also asking incredibly ignorant and disturbing questions. I get that snapping isn’t ideal, but honestly, you handled it better than I did.”

“I actually think this is close to workplace harassment/bullying as she is frequently pestering you to get adopted. Might be worth talking to HR.”

Another said: “You’ve been more than patient. I don’t blame you for scolding her. I would have. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“If she ever discusses it with you again, tell her the adoption issue is closed and you don’t want to talk about it or hear her views any longer. If she doesn’t respect that, tell Human Resources or your/her supervisor.”

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