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Mom who ‘never felt full’ turned unrecognizable 25 after losing half her body weight

A mother who weighed 55 pounds turned her life around after years of struggling with her weight.

Stacey Gascoyne, 29, used to regularly go to all-you-can-eat buffets and ‘never feel full’, but with the help of Slimming World, she has been able to lose 14lbs and 8lbs.

When Stacey joined, she was 25lbs 2lbs. She said that she had tried various diets before and was always hungry, so she decided to accompany her mother to Slimming World in April 2019.

Stacey, from Wakefield, said: “I had severe asthma and couldn’t move an inch without my inhaler. I had avoided the scale for so long and was mortified when I saw how much I weighed.”

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“I was having trouble sleeping and found that I couldn’t run or play with my daughter and even struggled to walk her to and from school. All my life I was always the bigger girl, but when I saw a picture of me with my partner Jordan I was mortified at how big I had gotten.”

In her first group meeting, Stacey discovered that there were other people who had been struggling to lose weight without feeling hungry, and that there are other options, Yorkshire Live reports.

He said that he really benefited from the eating plan issued by Slimming World that showed him how to use healthier foods to satisfy his appetite. Stacey now plans all of her meals ahead of time.

Stacey added that she can still have treats and her meals are still the same size, just healthier.

She added: “My daughter also loves to eat the meals I cook. She is very proud of me and wants to support me and both my mom and dad are in awe of how well I have done.”

“Losing almost 15 has saved my life! I don’t need my inhaler and have discovered a new love for walking. I walk and run miles and feel like I have been given the freedom to enjoy my life with my family again.

“I can get out of bed in the morning and look at myself in a mirror, something I never would have dreamed of doing before. I went from being a size 32 and too self-conscious to go clothes shopping to a size 10 and finding a new love for clothes and Fashion.

“Now I get up and take an extra 20 minutes to pick out an outfit and see how I look in a mirror! It gives me so much joy! I feel like now I’m living the life I was always meant to live: I’m able to do activities with my family that I never thought I would be able to do it and my confidence has grown tremendously.

“I don’t avoid the mirror or the camera anymore and I’m happy someone is taking my picture now! I’m not hiding anymore, I make my own spotlight.”

Stacey who lost weight at Slimming World

Stacey’s story supports the findings of a University of Leeds study led by Dr. Nicola Buckland that found some people have “low satiety responses,” and this can hinder weight loss.

Professor James Stubbs from the Leeds research team says: “People who have a low satiety response feel less satisfied after eating. They are more likely to crave high-fat foods, snack between meals, and are generally less able to stick to their plans when it comes to food choices; therefore, they are more likely to consume more calories than people with a high satiety response and have a harder time. to control your weight.

“What this research looked at for the first time is how, for those people who have a low satiety response, choosing foods that are low in energy density (those foods that are naturally low in calories per gram) could help them feel fuller, limit their intake of calories and so it helps your weight loss.

What Stacey ate before Slimming World

Breakfast: Danish pastry or large bowl of chocolate cereal

Lunch: Store-bought sandwiches, hot chocolate, and chips.

Dinner: Take away food like pizza or a kebab.

Snacks: multipacks of cookies, chips and chocolate bars to share

What Stacey eats now

Breakfast: Overnight weetabix cheesecake is my go to right now or I would have smoked salmon and eggs, low fat yogurt, strawberries and blueberries.

Lunch: lean chicken with lots of salad like tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, and red bell peppers

Dinner: Slimming World chicken tikka masala with rice and peas

Snacks: high fiber bar or babybel light or fruit

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