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Blizzard Entertainment announces the creation of a new license

The new license from Blizzard Entertainment should be the first collaboration with Microsoft after the formalization of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard for 2023.

Without warning, the American study Blizzard Entertainment presents his new project: “We’re heading into a whole new universe, which will house a survival game never seen before on PC and console. A place full of heroes to imagine, stories to write and adventures to shape. A vast realm brimming with possibilities. But all stories need storytellers, all worlds need builders. What if it was you? For thirty years, we’ve been creating worlds for millions of players around the world, but to do so we need a diverse team of developers to bring your imagination to life. This is our mission.

Blizzard Entertainment is currently seeking an Environment Artist (Associate or Senior), Senior Character Artist, Technical Artist (FX Pipeline), VFX Artist (Associate or Senior), Senior Character Concept Artist, Associate Level Designer , a designer level, as well as a lead software engineer (engine) and three senior software engineers (audio, server, tools).

The future of Blizzard Entertainment

Mike Ybarra, Director of Blizzard Entertainment, on the future of Blizzard Entertainment: “2021 has been a difficult time for all of us. As individuals, we are committed to treating everyone around us with due respect and dignity. As professionals we attach great importance to our activities and we want to work in the most favorable and healthy environment possible. Our top priority, today and tomorrow, is to restore your trust in Blizzard. The creativity and dedication shown by the Blizzard teams during this difficult period (in addition to the current health crisis) has been a great source of personal motivation. Addressing these challenges, reviewing our development processes, engaging in introspection, and thinking about how we can change mindsets shows incredible strength and commitment to each other, to each other, to our work, and to our players. Reading the forums, social media posts, and emails from Blizzard and people outside of Blizzard who have spoken out to stand up for what is right and guide us has also caught my attention. I want you to know that we have heard you and we are determined to change.

He also disclosed measures to rebuild the relationship of trust with Blizzard Entertainment employees and players: “These measures are just the beginning of the work ahead at Blizzard. I am motivated and enthusiastic about dedicating myself completely to creating the best possible environment for our teams and making their wishes come true. We also know that we need to deliver content to our players more regularly and innovate both within our existing games and beyond.

  • The performance of our leadership and management teams will be measured against progress on ethics. This means that your success and compensation (as well as mine) will depend directly on our ability to create a safe, inclusive and creative work environment.
  • We are committed to creating more full-time positions and dedicating more resources to improving our code of conduct. Too often, this important effort falls to workgroups whose members already have full-time jobs.
  • We tripled the size of our compliance and investigation teams and clearly defined responsibilities for unacceptable behavior. This applies to everyone Blizzard employees, including leadership and management
  • We communicate data to our teams to improve representation rates within the company
  • We have a feedback program so that employees can confidently assess their leadership, and we will use it to determine the quality and effectiveness of our managers.

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