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Boubacar Camara works for a single opposition list. Because the president of the Pcs Construction and Solidarity Party (Jengu tabax) judges a coexistence in perspective of the July 31 Legislative Assembly to be “possible and mandatory”. In this interview, the opponent and former director of Customs dissects the government’s economic policy.

In the Astou Sokhna affair, the President of the Republic dismissed the director of the hospital. Do you think that Macky Sall is determined to solve the problem of our hospitals?

sad case! I offer my condolences to the family of Ms. Sokhna and to all the women still traumatized by the ordeal of procreation. Dying giving life is inconceivable, especially when deficiencies are observed in the treatment of patients. This unfortunate fact constitutes a grain of sand that darkens the panorama of inaugurations and good sports news. Added to this is the pressure from the unions of teachers and health personnel, the vertiginous rise in prices, endemic unemployment and the preparation of electoral contests. The old archive of the Le Dantec hospital has been dusted off. For how long ? You know, but it’s a broken record. Everyone knows that in Senegal you have to take care of your health, at all levels. The real solution for the health development of human capital requires a policy of general and medical prevention, reaching a percentage of the budget of 15% (recommendation of the African Union) dedicated to health instead of the current less than 5% and well below of the WHO standard of 10%. Everyone knows that in Senegal, between the diagnosis of a disease and its management, the high cost of care is painfully embedded. The case of kidney failure is an eloquent illustration of this. In a few days, according to the news, the President of the Republic will move on to something else, once again relegating the underlying problems to the background, to the regret, unfortunately, of the Senegalese.

Does the Tabax jotna coalition that launched last weekend, embody the 3rd for the Legislative of July 31?

On Saturday, April 9, we launched the Tabax jotna coalition, which is made up of a meeting between two coalitions, namely the Tabax euleuk coalition, of which I was the initiator, and the Jotna coalition formed the day after the presidential election. I need that at some point we were members of Jotna. These two coalitions ended up with other parties. In total, we have 39 political parties that have agreed to form this political coalition. The particularity of this organization is that it is a political coalition and will launch a government program, a management program for Senegal in all areas. This means that it is not cyclical. Even if we come to power or lose it, we must always have an updated axis that allows us to intervene in the political field. We take this option because it is a need for consistency. It is an opposition coalition that has a strategy of conquest of power. We are discussing with Yewwi, Wallu, And Nawlé, And liggey… in short, all the opposition to see the best strategy. In the next few days we will know who to go to the elections with.

Have you already started these negotiations?

We started talking to a lot of them and it’s going really well.

What National Assembly is needed for Senegal?

This is the real question. We are in a situation of organizing legislative elections before a presidential election and in which the participation of the outgoing President is proposed. He should not participate in these elections for various reasons. It is now necessary to give the signal for Macky Sall’s departure with the legislative elections. So we need a National Assembly made up of a majority of the opposition. The second problem is that many opposition leaders have court records that, procedurally at least, have been violated. These leaders must be restored to their rights. So we need a responsible National Assembly that can put these issues back on the table. We are not talking about impunity but we must correct the use that has been made of these files to eliminate political leaders. The third issue is that there are laws that have been approved and constitute threats to the freedom of citizens, in particular the law on terrorism. The power took advantage of this to establish provisions that would violate the freedom of the citizen.

Senegal has never experienced cohabitation. Do you think it is possible in 2022?

Absolutely ! It is possible and mandatory. How to get there: a single opposition list is needed. This is the promotion we are doing. We are discussing this with other coalitions.

This idea of ​​a single list has always been agitated but never carried out by the opposition…

I say it is possible. A single opposition list is needed to be sure of having a majority in the National Assembly. This unique list of the opposition is fundamental for the Legislature due to the voting method of the departmental lists. Several opposition lists will divide the votes and allow power to be maintained. A single list would serve as a referendum between Benno and the opposition. We will form a single opposition list based on the representation of each coalition. This is the reason why the opposition must unite as much as possible within the framework of a coalition. Together we will define a distribution key that will allow deputies to be designated. There is no need to be afraid of living together. It is a way of breathing democracy. With cohabitation, there will no longer be vassalage between the executive power and the legislative power.

How do you judge the results of this XIII Legislature?

The results of this XIII Legislature are very negative. His image is tarnished because there are many legal cases that discredit the deputies. Even if it is individually that these questions arise. At an international level, this has a great impact, especially in the case of ticket counterfeiting and passport trafficking. How the National Assembly could allow the State of Senegal to commit so much money to projects whose priority is questionable. It is extremely serious! This XIII Legislature allowed President Macky Sall to get into debt for projects such as the Ter, a 150,000 million stadium… How could the Assembly stop that? Thirdly, it is the treatment of files on corruption, the National Assembly has a role of monitoring State funds. Sometimes they even organize fact-finding missions instead of investigating. The 94 billion issue remains nebulous (A commission has been set up, Editor’s Note). The National Assembly has become the graveyard for files on corruption.

The Tabax Pcs/Jengu has a hundred municipal and departmental elected officials. ¬¬Will you join the Network of Local Elected Representatives of Senegal created by the ¬coalition Yewwi askan wi?

At the moment, this debate does not concern us. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a priority. Where we are, the priority is not to create associations of local elected officials. The idea is a good one because the state should not be allowed to control local elected officials because there are appropriations that need to be made. We cannot force people to belong to an association. They are free to establish parallel associations. But for me, it’s really not the priority.

What explains, in your opinion, that the price reduction measure for sugar, oil and rice is not applied by the merchants?

This decision to lower constitutes a political bluff because the president has no control over the price. We are in a liberal system where people buy and sell freely. The government can consult with certain operators and agree to waive certain taxes and ask them to pass on these measures. Operators may agree to do so under certain conditions. They may say they have stock on hand or that the proposed increase is too low and may change in a few months. There will be those who say that there is a war in Europe, that the price of oil has risen, that the level of freight has risen… So this story of a drop is pure cinema. We must let prices explode but create the conditions for the product to be available and cheaper. For that, we need a change of course: we have to produce what we consume.

However, during his speech on April 3, President Macky Sall talks about food sovereignty…

Good thing you say he talked about it. The best way to hide evil is to cry out against this evil. On food sovereignty, Macky Sall is in political deception. He spoke of 2017 as the year of self-sufficiency in rice. 5 years later, he tells us the same thing again. Where he failed, before people say so, he makes a speech about it.

With the arrival of the Senegalese at the Ter, is the debate on the relevance of this means of transport definitively settled?

What is a must is the transportation of the Senegalese. We can transport the Senegalese without spending so much money. And without having to spend so much money to make it work. The debate is not because people take that Ter is good. If the Ter is there, you have to take it. What is there to do ? No one said that the Ter must be destroyed. The problem is knowing that instead of the Ter we can have a transportation system that costs less and that allows the maximum number of people to be transported and that does not operate based on the state’s indebtedness each month. We take billions to operate a society that will never be profitable. It is not with the entries of the Senegalese that the Ter will be profitable. We have to remove the State from Ter and sell it to individuals with clauses where we keep the investments we have made and that we give the exploitation to the people. River and sea transportation is much easier to set up. Ter is a bad investment.

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