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$38,000 of CDBG funds moved to finance air conditioning project | News, Sports, Jobs

More than $38,000 in community development block grant funds are being transferred from county municipalities to fund an air conditioning project on the roof of the Center for Independent Living following a vote by Lycoming County commissioners in their weekly meeting.

Following a presentation by Kristen McLaughlin, project coordinator at SEDA’s Council of Governments, commissioners agreed to transfer $10,790 from the Seventh Avenue Reconstruction Project in South Williamsport, which was part of the 2018 CDBG funds. The remaining funds came from from the 2020 CDBG Coronavirus grants. They included $3,777 from each of the following programs: Montoursville American Rescue Workers rent/mortgage/utility assistance; the Montoursville Supportive Housing Program (STEP Inc.); Jersey Shore American Rescue Workers rent/mortgage/utility assistance; Jersey Shore Supportive Housing Program; and from county CDBG funds, $6,246 each from the American Rescue Workers rent/mortgage/utility assistance program and the Supportive Housing Program (STEP Inc.).

All County and City programs still have CDBG funds remaining after transfers.

“The Center for Independent Living rooftop air conditioning unit is a critical project for them right now. They don’t have air conditioning that works very well in that facility, which is a problem to begin with, but when there are people with diverse abilities, sometimes they are more sensitive to those changes in temperature, especially in the summer when it’s 90 degrees and there’s no good air conditioning,” McLaughlin said.

“So, this will address that. Obviously it’s also an airflow issue, so we’re trying to move those Coronavirus response funds to this particular project.” she added.

McLaughlin noted that rental/mortgage/utility assistance programs had not been used as much as expected.

“I don’t think this in any way affects the ability to move funds from that project into the hands of people who need that assistance, however, we know there will be funds left over from that and that was the reason for reallocation,” McLaughlin said.

Sal Vitko, county transportation planner, updated the 2023-26 Williamsport Area Transportation Study Transportation Improvement Program for commissioners. He noted that the program is in the public comment phase that closes on May 5.

Some 84 projects are included in the transportation improvement program, Vitko said. There are 52 bridge projects and 25 highway projects, five security projects and transit projects on the schedule. It was noted that the bridge projects are federal and are not part of the county’s bridge cluster program.

Vitko noted that in terms of major projects across the county, the slide repair on Warrensville Road is being addressed and should be completed by June 2023. Residents in that area have been dealing with issues since 2019.

“They’re actually working on it right now. Work started this week. Vitko said.

Safety projects include obtaining lighted chevrons marking the spur where Route 15 connects with I-180 and improvements to guide rails throughout the county.

Commissioners also approved a letter of intent with Lundy Industrial Realty LP for a property at the rear of 250 Arch St. The county agreed to pay $90,100 in rent for the facility that was used by the county coroner from November 2020 through November 31. of March. 2022. It also establishes that the fair market value sets the sale price of the property.

“Pending the evaluation and the outcome of that, we are just notifying the Lundy company that these are the terms.” said Matthew McDermott, managing director.

The coroner had used the facility during the pandemic when more cold storage was needed. The county is also trying to determine if the building, based on appraised value, will be suitable for a permanent location for the coroner and various other county services.

In other actions, commissioners approved:

Appoint Steven C. Hartley of the McCormick Law Firm as additional counsel at the rate of $100 per hour.

Applicant Tracking System for KeldairHR’s Human Resources Department.

A software renewal license agreement with Melillo Consulting.

The 2022-23 Intermediate Punishment Treatment Program grant application to the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

A change order with Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc. for the Timber Run Industrial Park Access Improvement Project.

An agreement with Johnson’s Controls Fire Protection LP for $17,645 to maintain fire systems at Third Street Plaza and Court House.

A change order to extend the contract with Smart Recycling, Inc. for the flood mitigation, acquisition and demolition project through July 31.

The next commissioners’ meeting will be at 10 a.m. on April 21 in the Board of Commissioners Room, 1st Floor Executive Plaza, 330 Pine St.

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